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  SNP@WEB: a web-based catalog of SNP database and tools

Single Nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can affect gene functions and expressions from DNA to protein levels. To help SNP researchers, we developed SNP@WEB, a web-based catalog of databases and tools for SNP studies. Currently, SNP@WEB collected ~90 SNP resources classified into eight categories (SNP acquisition, annotation, tagSNP, haplotype, population, mutability, database, and SNP effect). SNP@WEB is developed as a Wiki (real-time editable website) system, it supports fully open curation and communication among SNP researchers. SNP@WEB is available from online: or

SNP@WEB Mutability SNP acquisition tagSNP SNP Effect Haplotype Database Population Annotation


Annotation, Mutability, SNP acquisition, tagSNP, SNP Effect, Haplotype, Database, Population, Other links



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